Wilkes-Barre Children’s Photography
October 2nd

Hello People of the World!

Wanted to blog a bit today to let you know I have precious few openings for Fall family shoots remaining this October. You want to get in while the getting’s good!

Book your session today, there may be cookies involved! Call me up at 570-592-2938

Scranton Children's Photography

Steve Lewis Photography is the culmination of one man’s journey of self discovery. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Me, I wanted to be a garbage-man, an archaeologist, (damn you Indiana Jones!) an actor, and a cowboy. But as I got older I realized smelly garbage makes me gag, boulders weren’t going to chase me out of Incan temples, I was a mediocre actor in a sea of good ones, and cowboys either get shot by bad guys or trampled by cattle. Since none of those things were going to work out for me, I decided one day not too long ago that photography seemed pretty cool. And then I studied. And I practiced. And practiced. And practiced. And practiced some more.

Then once I figured out what my destiny was, I decided to open for business in January of 2012. Today I specialize in fine art wedding and portrait photography. When I’m in wedding photography mode I’m telling love stories. From the first shot of the engagement session to the final shot at the reception I’m telling the story of YOUR love for each other.

When I’m in portrait photography mode, I’m attempting to capture a slice of your life in un-staged, natural settings as the events are occurring. Portrait photography should be about capturing the relationships and the personalities of my clients as I see it. As a photographer I am a casual observer of life, documenting little snippets of people’s lives. We need to have more than good lighting and smooth skin to make a good portrait. We need to capture YOU. Or your baby. Or your family. You get the idea.

When I’m not with my clients, you will find me running around after my three awesome children, keeping myself caffeinated, and generally loving life!

I like coffee, buttercream icing, sushi, and coffee.

I dislike smelly feet, math, scales, and Ewoks.

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Feel free to EMAIL me at any time //steve@stevelewisphotos.com// or call me up at //570.592.2938// if you would like to step in front of my lens.

7 comments on “Wilkes-Barre Children’s Photography

  1. Karen Cooley

    Much luck with the Fall family sessions! I’d sign up for the cookies alone, let alone the priceless images my family would get!

    I agree with all the likes – each one is super yummy and yes, I agree – coffee SHOULD be on there twice. It’s THAT good. Sad to see Ewoks up there – have you never watched an Ewok Adventure? Or maybe you did and that’s why you dislike them so much… Hmmm… What about the Jawa? I personally am a fan of these little entrepreneurs myself. I think it’s the red glowing eyes.


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