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Are you looking for baby portraits? You have come to the right place. Not only do we offer you the finest baby portraits in northeastern Pennsylvania, we also provide what we think is the best baby plan on the east coast. Seriously.

Here at Steve Lewis Photography we love to watch our Baby Plan Babies grow! It really is wonderful to watch as their tiny personalities develop. As a father of 4, I love getting to know some of God’s newest creations, and I am truly thankful that this is what I get to do everyday!

How does our baby plan work?
Well, most baby plans that are offered by other photographers (if they offer one at all), require that you use up your sessions during baby’s first year. While that is an option with us, when you sign up for our babyplan, you will have a set number of sessions on your account to use. You can then call to schedule anytime. Some families choose to shoot every three months, others hit a few key milestones in baby’s first year, and others come by on annually on baby’s birthday. As a matter of fact, you can take up to 5 years to use all of your sessions if you like! I wanted to make this new baby plan as attractive as possible, and the ability to spread out your sessions seemed like the way to go.

You also get a print credit to use towards your print order as well. How’s that sound? You can use it all at one session or spread it out. Whatever you choose.

Here are the milestones to look for during baby’s first year.

3 months: baby is comfortable on his tummy and can lift his head up
6 months: baby is sitting up
9 months: baby is sitting very well, can crawl around and maybe standing with assistance
12 months: baby is usually standing with little or no help, and some are even starting to take their first steps
18 months: baby is walking well on her own, cruising around and climbing on everything!
2 years: ha. good luck keeping up!


Below is our Baby Plan Fee Schedule.

You can choose to use your sessions at any time over 5 years, and if you need a longer timeframe, that is ok too.
Our plans were designed to give you the flexibility of using your paid sessions.

When booking your first session, a deposit of $250.00 towards the plan is made. The balance is paid at the completion of your first session.

Maternity-First Year $650.00 (a $150 savings)
(includes a $250.00 print credit)
6 sessions

Newborn-First Year $575.00 (a $100 savings)
(includes a $175.00 print credit)
5 sessions

First Year $450.00 (a $50 savings)
(includes a $100.00 print credit)
4 sessions

You can use your print credits all at once, or spread them out over your sessions.

You can choose to book your sessions at any time during your childs development.

You are also welcome to bring any of the child’s siblings with you to participate – as well as the option to have a family portrait session.

Before each session, we will have a consultation to help you decide how your want your baby portraits designed. We’ll go over sets, outfits, and colors to make sure you have the perfect session. Children and family are always welcome to change clothing, and we can’t resist nude baby behinds as well! We carry several props such as ladders, benches, little chairs, blocks, books, etc. We also have various clothing items such as diaper covers, tutu’s, little hats and whatever else we can’t resist buying. You are always welcome to bring favorite blankets, stuffies, jewelry or other cherished items that you would like in any session.

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