Jessie + Duane Engagement! – Scranton Wedding Photography
December 16th

I met Duane and Jessie after I shot some engagement photos for my friends Matt and Cassie. The two of them booking me to do their wedding was a direct result of those photos. So thanks to Matt and Cassie! Lol!

Here’s the thing I learned about Duane and Jessie.

They absolutely delight in each others presence. Unabashedly.

They are an awesome couple, super cool to be around, and their Scranton wedding at Saint Peters and Montdale Country Club which I photographed yielded all of the super coolness that I expected from these two! Their wedding shots will be posted here soon.

So now…

…I present to you some of their fancy dandy engagement photos!

6 comments on “Jessie + Duane Engagement! – Scranton Wedding Photography

  1. Jessie Saunders

    Haha I can’t believe you put the “movie-star” picture on here! I was soooo making fun of the stupid people making movie star faces in the FB pics! LoL

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