Charles + Maria Engagement – Wilkes-Barre Wedding Photographer
June 4th

Sometimes you just see a couple and you know they click. That they are supposed to be together. That’s how it is with Charles and Maria.

I had a great time in Manhattan’s Central Park shooting their engagement session a few weeks ago.

Looking more than forward to shooting their awesome nuptials in October. Stay tuned to see all the action!

15 comments on “Charles + Maria Engagement – Wilkes-Barre Wedding Photographer

  1. Shannon Klipstein

    I love your song choice! Cute couple and you’ve captured a lot of great moments for them!

  2. Tara Holloway Colburn

    Some great shots here! Love that B&W towards the beginning where they are looking off to the left. Nice work!

  3. Vince Murdock

    Very touching video, filled with memorable images the couple will cherish. Great storytelling!


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