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Go Digital Or Go Home? – Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Wedding Photographer
March 26th

The Digital Age.

Everything is digital.

Television shows and movies.

Your favorite recording artists are a click away.

You can download your favorite magazines and newspapers online.

Books are available to download to your favorite device with the click of a mouse.

Isn’t professional photography as well? We have already done away with film. Some people shoot film, but they are the exception.

I have been silently struggling with the photography industry going digital.

Since the art form began the industry was a product based business.

You know, “I’ll take 2 8×10’s 6 5×7’s and 16 wallets.”

Well, the industry is moving away from that.

Today people take photos, put them on their computers and share them on Facebook and other social media sites. They may purchase a 5×7 for the grandparents, or a large wall portrait for their homes, but they aren’t doing as much of that as in years past.

One ┬átrend I’ve noticed is that most of my brides tell me that they want the digital files to keep.

So what do you do? Do you want prints and albums? Or are you looking for a digital solution? Or both?

Keep your eyes peeled, there are changes coming to Steve Lewis Photography fairly soon.

Happy Birthday Boy! – Scranton Photographer
January 11th

Two years ago today we arrived at the hospital at 6am. We hadn’t really slept, the excitement was almost too much, knowing that you would soon be here.

Two years ago today we waited and waited for your arrival. The doctor kept saying “soon”. It seemed like forever, but it really wasn’t.

Two years ago today they said something was wrong. They rushed to deliver you and my heart sank as the doctor looked around at the lack of staff and yelled out “help!”

Two years ago today they tried to make you breathe, for a few helpless moments we watched them work on you.

And finally we heard a tiny little cry.

Thank God!

Now today as I look at you, I marvel at everything you do.

Except spitting your food at me. That’s not too marvelous. But everything else…love it!

Your constant smile, your big bright eyes that look out at the world with wonderment, your index finger that boops me on the nose. I love it all.

Two years ago today I couldn’t wait to see you, and today I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

I love you, buddy.


Happy birthday, Little Man!

Photo Of The Year! – Scranton Photographer
December 14th

Throughout the years the photographers working at National Geographic have consistently brought us incredible images of faraway places and people, showing us amazing details of life around the globe. Every year Nat Geo has a photo contest, and this year the winners will be announced tomorrow, December 15. Here are a few of the finalist photos that stood out to me, and I must admit, I am irritated that I didn’t take any of them. Enjoy!


This last one is taken after the floooding in Pakistan in 2010. Millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters. Pretty much freaked me out too.