Cassie + Matt – Scranton Wedding Photographer
November 30th

Last year one of my dear friends announced that she was getting married. So I decided that I would give her the gift of a free engagement session that she could use for whatever she wanted. So we ventured out into the streets of Scranton, the U specifically, and made some pictures. Here is the video I made of her images. Let me know what you think!

18 comments on “Cassie + Matt – Scranton Wedding Photographer

  1. Dawniele Castellanos

    I love your use of the video to display the photos. I have made one video so far and have been considering on how to best use the video ideas and in what way. It looks like a fun session too…and for some reason I smile when I say the name Scranton. I have no idea why. LOL.

  2. Karen Cooley

    Steve, I LOVE it! My favorite shots are the almost kiss over their drinks, bubble gum bubbles, reading over the statue’s shoulder (super cute!), and then him kissing her forehead. Such a great video and I bet she will love it to pieces!! What a super gesture. ­čÖé

  3. Cassie and Matt

    This was such an amazing fun experience! the video is absolutely wonderful and everyone we show it to really loves it!! You are so talented and this was truly an amazing gift you have given to us and i can’t tell you enough how much we LoVe and appreciate it! love you bunches!!

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