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August 25th

Scranton Bride

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday – but on a Tuesday! 🙂

I have heard it said that quality photography is better than a gravy boat.

Are you going to have a bridal registry? Do you already have one set up? You know how it works, you go to your favorite store and register the things you’d like other people to buy you for your wedding, right? You know, new towels and linens, china, luggage, and a Kitchen Aid mixer. Those kinds of things.

How about a bridal registry for your wedding photography?

We know that there are couples out there that really care about their wedding photography but can’t make it happen due to budgetary concerns. Offering your friends and family the ability to help provide you with a meaningful wedding gift like your wedding photography over items like, say a toaster, is the ultimate way to show how they feel about you. No more piles of Tupperware and other stuff, just the photographer you want (me!) and the add-ons you wish for!

So give me a call at 570-592-2938 to set up your consultation, and we can go over all of the details of your big day, including the Steve Lewis Photography Bridal Registry.

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