The (New and Improved) Baby Plan! – Baby portraits
April 15th

Pennsylvania Infant Photographer

Are you looking for baby portraits? You have come to the right place. Not only do we offer you the finest baby portraits in northeastern Pennsylvania, we also provide what we think is the best baby plan on the east coast. Seriously.

Here at Steve Lewis Photography we love to watch our Baby Plan Babies grow! It really is wonderful to watch as their tiny personalities develop. As a father of 4, I love getting to know some of God’s newest creations, and I am truly thankful that this is what I get to do everyday!

How does our baby plan work?
Well, most baby plans that are offered by other photographers (if they offer one at all), require that you use up your sessions during baby’s first year. While that is an option with us, when you sign up for our babyplan, you will have a set number of sessions on your account to use. You can then call to schedule anytime. Some families choose to shoot every three months, others hit a few key milestones in baby’s first year, and others come by on annually on baby’s birthday. As a matter of fact, you can take up to 5 years to use all of your sessions if you like! I wanted to make this new baby plan as attractive as possible, and the ability to spread out your sessions seemed like the way to go.

You also get a print credit to use towards your print order as well. How’s that sound? You can use it all at one session or spread it out. Whatever you choose.

Here are the milestones to look for during baby’s first year.

3 months: baby is comfortable on his tummy and can lift his head up
6 months: baby is sitting up
9 months: baby is sitting very well, can crawl around and maybe standing with assistance
12 months: baby is usually standing with little or no help, and some are even starting to take their first steps
18 months: baby is walking well on her own, cruising around and climbing on everything!
2 years: ha. good luck keeping up!

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Lovely Lia – Wilkes-Barre Senior Portraits
April 1st

Lia! She was just too much fun at her shoot! Her mom Noelle is also pretty awesome. Lia’s personality is just great. She was laughing and having fun, as well as looking fierce with her “model face”. Love it! Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day, it was hard to choose which images to include because the entire session was so awesome!

To book your Senior Portrait experience with Steve Lewis Photography give us a call at 570-592-2938 and we’ll get you all set up!

The Grooms Style!
March 4th

Here we are, it’s a slightly warmer Wedding Wednesday than when I started this feature four weeks ago, so that means it’s almost wedding season! With that in mind, I wanted to focus on a topic not touched on often enough: the groom!

Many people think that a wedding day is all about the bride, and often forget to add the groom into the equation. While he may not be out shopping all over town for a suit or tuxedo for himself and his groomsmen, a man’s style is as important to the wedding as it is the brides gown; men need to work their own identity into their suits as well so they feel and look as good as their fiancée on the big day.


This may be the best way to incorporate a man’s style in with the suit that has been chosen; whether its wing tipped shoes or patent black leather shoes by Converse, shoes are always a great accessory. Don’t count out the cufflinks; if there are no cufflink heirlooms that’ll be used in the wedding, a bride should search online for cufflinks that perfectly represent her man, whether they are plain or even made of Lego. Pocket scarves and ties are a great way to incorporate a man’s favorite color (so long as it matches or is a complimentary color to the bridesmaid dresses), and fun socks like colorful argyle are a great addition.

Smart Casual

Not every wedding is a black tuxedo formal. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the smart casual look for weddings, where the groom and his groomsmen don some clothing they are probably much more comfortable in. These options can include jeans paired with wing tipped shoes, a button down jacket, sweaters or cardigans instead of suit jackets for fall weddings, shorts for summer weddings, and sometimes even plaid button downs to add some color instead of the usual white dress shirt.

Go Big or Go Home

A growing trend recently (and with the help of the film The Great Gatsby) has been an art deco/1920’s look for men; dressed to the nines and ready to impress. To pull this off, the groom and his groomsmen will have to be the kind of men that really want to dress up and won’t mind layers because we’re talking three piece suits, top hats, jackets with tails, gloves, stickpins and more.

How About Some Color?

Who said that all suits have to be black? If the bridesmaids are wearing a neutral color (don’t match bridesmaid dresses and grooms suits), a groom may be interested in adding a big pop of color with his suit. Popular colors from 2014 wedding trends included navy, royal purple, light blue and emerald green. Or, if the groom and his men are feeling particularly brave, style each one with a different color.

Adding some flair and personal style to an outfit will help any groom stand out on his wedding day!

Adding some flair and personal style to an outfit will help any groom stand out on his wedding day!

Have a Vintage Wedding! – Scranton Wedding Photographers
February 25th

Once again, we come upon Wedding Wednesday, that lovely mid-week day where I try to impart some of my sagey wedding advice. Today, let’s quickly go over why you should consider having a vintage wedding!

When it comes to our ideal wedding, most of us already have our dream event in mind. Whether it will be a traditional “princess” wedding or a more intimate occasion with a few close friends, we want it to be perfect. But if you’re still struggling to make the choice or you want to go for something different and non-traditional, here’s an idea: why don’t you try having a vintage wedding?

Vintage weddings have a special aura of uniqueness and quirky charm around them. It allows you to get as creative and artistic, as you would like, and it usually costs less than a traditional wedding. Take the engagement ring, for instance – antique engagement rings tend to be have unique designs and extraordinary craftsmanship, usually are cheaper and are potential candidates for an heirloom.

Vintage weddings allow for an extra romanticism to the event. It’s important to know that in this case in particular, the details are far more than simply additional features. The details of your wedding – the dress, the ring, the decorations – will make the design.

The great thing about having a vintage wedding is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on the décor. Choose a venue that complements the look that you want to achieve – turn the venue itself in part of the decorations. An additional perk is that vintage venues and locations usually look magnificent in photos. The soft, rustic colors and the natural beauty of the location can be enhanced by special lighting and your photographer’s skills.

Vintage weddings are currently on the rise, but still not too popular to become mainstream. They’re stylish and fashionable, while keeping it simple and authentic at the same time. They allow you to show off your creative feminine side and host a wedding that’s worth remembering.

Scranton Wedding Photographer

To get a vintage bouquet, one can simply change up from a traditional to a more eclectic look. Easy peasey!

Not the Last Minute! Makeup and Hair Tips – Scranton Wedding Photographers
February 18th

Well, it’s Wedding Wednesday and I’m back with some tips and advice for you lucky girls that are getting married. If you like this post, tell a friend!

Sometimes it’s okay to wait for the last minute to do things. Many of us are procrastinators, or just plain forget about some things until it’s almost too late. However, there are some things that if you are thinking of getting done before a wedding, you shouldn’t hesitate to have these things squared away.

Hiring a Hairstylist / Makeup Artist and Having a Trial

If you know what you want, have a photo and want exactly what’s pictured, maybe you can skip the trial, but it’s never recommended. Many freelance artists are booked up to a year in advance and a trial is a good way of really seeing what their work looks like, as well as if you get along with them or not. They will do your hair and makeup (a great idea if you are planning to get engagement photos done that day, which many couples like to do) and you can talk about what you like or don’t like and what should be changed before the wedding day. This gives you a really good insight to how you will look on your special day, and whether anything needs to be tweaked or changed.


Whether you are using a tanning bed, relaxing on the beach at your wedding destination or getting a spray tan, never leave this for the last minute. You don’t want to look like a lobster on your wedding day, and you certainly don’t want to have self tanner rubbing off on your beautiful gown. There are gradual tanners available at most cosmetic stores as well that you can do yourself before the wedding. I suggest buying one to test first; you never know if it’ll give you that beautiful bronzed look you want, or if you’ll go orange.

Face Treatments

Many women (and even some men) want beautiful, glowing skin on their wedding day and usually do a glycolic or microdermabrasion peel before the wedding. Do this at least one week beforehand to avoid any potential for redness. You also never want to put makeup on for at least 24 to 48 hours following an intense facial peel. If this is your first time doing one of these either professionally or at home, remember to do an allergy test first on the inside of your arm. It can take symptoms of an allergic reaction a much longer time to heal and if you have sensitive skin, consider getting a peel done way in advance of the wedding to see if it’s something you’d really like to do closer to the actual day.


Don’t get your waxing done immediately before the wedding, especially if its on your face. You shouldn’t put any makeup on the waxed areas for 24 to 48 hours, depending on how quickly your skin heals. Schedule your waxing at least three days in advance to avoid any visible redness or irritation on your wedding day.

There you have it, stay warm until next week!

wilkes barre Beautiful bride

Beautiful bride Stephanie didn’t wait for the last minute for anything – and neither should you!